UNIABUJA 2016/2017 Undergraduate Registration Guidelines

The management of University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) has released undergraduate degree Online registration guidelines for 2016/2017 academic session. ONLINE PAYMENT AND PORTAL LOGIN: 1. Payment of ALL Fees is strictly through the University Portal ONLY using the debit cards of any internet payment enabled card with the required amount for payment in the account of the card holder. The phone number attached to the account also should be handy or the token attached to such account. Log on to the website: http://www.unibuja.com then click . On the top right corner of the page, click NEW STUDENTS REGISTRATION GUIDELINES -Enter your MATRICULATION NUMBER which is your Username -Enter your password – which should be the word: password (in small letter only). -The Click -After a first successful Login, scroll Down to the button of the page and click -A fee payment page would appear, displaying your details (Names, MATRICULATION Number, s*x AND Year of study-): you will also see your present session which is displayed as 2016/2017 Session -Click on (on the top tight corner of the page): select the item – “School Fees” then click . Click -Then click on the button beside, “Remita”, Click . (At this point, the amount you paid as school fees would be displayed. -A page will display, write down your Reference number (where there are issues, it will be used to resolve same). Confirm the amount displayed for the Application Form and ensure you have the stated amount and 1% of the amount being Remita Processing Charge as approved by the Government in your Bank Account (ATM Card) to be used for payment online. -Then click “€œproceed”€. -Click on “€œproceed to gateway€” -Your Remita Reference (RRR) number will be displayed (write it down or print invoice) -Use “pay now with cards or wallets”€ payment options (this is the best and recommended option), click on the icon of the card you are using either Verve, Master card, or Visa, then click “€œProceed—. NO BANK BRANCH PAYMENT WILL BE PROCESSED. -Click “select your card type” and fill in your ATM card details or information. Then click “pay” -Please NOTE that once your payment is successful, you will be taken directly to your personalized school portal page and you are required to change your password and update your personal details before you do anything on the portal. How to update the Personal details: Click on at the top right hand corner of the page Upload your passport and fill in your personal data. State of origin, Date of Birth, etc and click at the top right hand corner. You are required to fill all fields on the page| Please note that change will not be saved until you click RETURNING STUDENTS REGISTRATION GUIDELINES Enter your MATRICULATION NUMBER which is your Username Enter your personal password OR if your Account has been deactivated, it should be the word password (in small letters only). Then Click Course Registration The My Registration sub-nodule enables the student register courses for the current session or semester. The student must not exceed the recommended maximum number of credit unit for the semester as stated on the guidance notes. This sub-module also consists of four features namely: change Semester/Session, (Register a Course) Add more course, Save and Submit Registration. Changing a semester or Session The Change Semester/Session feature enables you move to another semester or session in order to register course for that semester/session. To change semester or session, do the following: -Log in as a student in the Login page to display the modules which you can access on the portal -From My School, select My Registration -The system displays the Course Registration page, containing the course which you are required to take, during each of the semesters of the current session. -Click on the Change Semester or Change Session button to display the Change Session/Semester page. -Select the application session “2016/2017” from the Select Session dropdown list. -Select the level of study from the Select level of Study dropdown list -Click on Change to display the selected session course to be registered and the total number of units for the session/session. -To add more courses to the elective courses, click on Add more courses to display the page Enter the code of the courses which you want to add to the session or semester in the course code field, and click on search. The system displays the code, title, and credit units of the course on the gird. Then, check the check box beside this added course, and click on Add Selected Courses The Added course is saved to the system: and also, displayed in the Elective Courses panel. Also, the total number of units for the session/Session is increased. Note: if the maximum number of credit for the session/semester/session is exceeded, the system displays a message indicating this. Click on the Submit Registration button to submit. After submitting and you notice a mistake, click Reset, log out and re-log again so you may do a fresh registration. Note: You may click on the Save button to save the registration process if you do not want to submit the form immediately.

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