UNILORIN 2016/2017 Amended Undergraduate Academic Calendar

The management of University of Ilorin has released the amended academic calendar for 2016/2017 session. The breakdown of academic activities is now as follows;

  1. 2 Weeks of Registration –           For both Fresh & Returning Students
  2. 2 Weeks of Late Registration –           For both Fresh & Returning Students
  3. 15 Weeks of Instructions for the Harmattan Semester
  4. 3 Weeks of Harmattan Examination
  5. 1 Week of Inter-Semester Break
  6. 4 Weeks of Marking and Computation of Results for the Harmattan Semester
  7. 15 Weeks of Instructions for the Rain Semester
  8. 3 Weeks of Rain Semester Examinations
  9. 4 Weeks of Marking & Computation of Results
S/No                    ACTIVITY       PROPOSED DATE
1. **End of Late Registration for FreshersSubject to Portal Activation
2. **End of Late Registration for Returning StudentsSubject to Portal Activation
3 .**Business Committee of Senate to Consider List of Registered StudentsSubject to Portal Activation
4. **End of Harmattan Semester Lectures (Returning)Monday, 6th February, 2017
5. **Lecture Free Week  & Students Union ActivitiesMonday, 6th – 12th February, 2017
6. ** Senate  (List of Registered Students  & other matters)Yet to be fixed
7.**Commencement of  Harmattan Semester  C.A.  (Returning)Monday, 13th  – 20th February, 2017
8. **Commencement of Harmattan Semester  Examinations (Returning)Monday, 20th  February, 2017
9. **Matriculation Wednesday, 22nd   February, 2017
10. **CBT  Continuous Assessment (Freshers)Monday, 27th  February   – 3rd March, 2017
11. **Commencement of Harmattan Semester Examinations (Freshers))Monday 6th March, 2017
12. **End of Harmattan Semester Examination (Returning)Monday, 13th March, 2017
13. **Harmattan Semester Break (Returning)Monday, 13th  – 26th March, 2017
 14. .**End of Harmattan Semester Examination (Freshers)Monday, 20th March, 2017
15. **Harmattan Semester Break (Freshers)Monday, 20th – 26th March, 2017


16. **Faculty Board of Examiners to consider Final Year Results at the end of 1st SemesterMonday,  20th  -27th   March, 2017  
17. **Commencement of Rain Semester LecturesMonday, 27th March, 2017
18.Business Committee of Senate to consider Final Year Results at the end of 1st SemesterMonday, 3rd  – 6th April, 2017  
19. **Senate to consider Final Year Results (1st Presentation)Thursday, 20th April, 2017
20.Senate (Statutory)Tuesday 6th June, 2017
21.  **End of Rain Semester LecturesMonday, 19th June, 2017
22. **Commencement of SIWES, Teaching Practice, SWEP etcTuesday, 20th June, 2017
23. **Lecture Free Week Tuesday,  20th  – 26th June, 2017
24.Commencement of Rain Semester ExaminationsMonday, 3rd July, 2017
25. **End of Rain Semester ExaminationsSaturday, 22nd July, 2017
26. .**Marking of Examination Scripts & Computation of ResultsMonday, 24th  July – 7th August, 2017
27. **Faculty Board of Examiners (to consider Final Year Results)Monday, 14st – 21st  August, 2017
28. **Business Committee of Senate to Consider Final Year ResultsMonday, 28th  August  – 1st September, 2017  
29. **Senate to Consider Graduating Students’ Results and End of SessionTuesday, 12th  September, 2017  
30 .**Commencement of 2017/2018 SessionWednesday, 13th  September, 2017
31.Faculty Board of Examiners to Consider Goodstanding ResultsMonday, 18th – 22nd September, 2017
32.Business Committee of Senate to Consider Goodstanding          ResultsMonday, 2nd  – 4nd  October, 2017
33.Special Senate to Consider Goodstanding ResultsThursday, 19th October, 2017
34.Freshers Come into ResidenceSaturday, 21st October, 2017
35.Payment of  Acceptance FeeMonday, 23rd – 30th October, 2017
36.Commencement of Admission Screening for FreshersMonday, 30th October, 2017
37.Returning Students Come into ResidenceSaturday, 28th October, 2017
38.Commencement of on-line Registration for Returning StudentsMonday, 30th October, 2017
39.End of Screening for FreshersMonday, 6th November, 2017
40.Commencement of on-line Registration for FreshersMonday, 6th November, 2017
41.Press Conference/BriefingMonday, 16th October, 2017
42.Convocation Lecture and Chancellor’s CocktailTuesday, 17th October, 2017
43.Convocation Day 1Saturday, 21st October, 2017
44.Convocation Day 2 Commissioning of Projects; Luncheon and Merit AwardMonday, 23rd October, 2017  
45.End of Normal Registration for FreshersMonday, 20th  October, 2017
46.Commencement of Lectures for the Harmattan  SemesterMonday, 30th October, 2017
47.End of Normal Registration for Returning StudentsMonday, 13th  November, 2017
48.Commencement of Late Registration for  Returning StudentsMonday, 13th November, 2017
49.Commencement of Late Registration for FreshersMonday, 20th  November, 2017
50.End of Late Registration for Returning StudentsMonday, 27th November, 2017
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