The Work and Study Scheme was set in 2012 in order to engage students in jobs that can fetch them tokens to complement whatever they get from parents/guardians:- The following services are available under the Work Study Scheme. 1. Research Assistantship 2. Library Assistantship 3. Lesson Teachers (All Subjects) 4. Computer Operator/ Analysts 5. Ushering job 6. Servers at Occasions 7. Sales Representatives/Marketing of products 8. Catering 9. Security 10. Master of Ceremony and light entertainment during occasions 11. Event Planning and Organization 12. Bead Making 13. Sewing and Fashion Designing 14. Receptionist 15. Gardening 16. Car Washing 17. Musical Instrument Training (e.g Keyboard, etc) 18. Broadcasting 19. Any work (e.g cleaning of the house, laundry, e.t.c) Interested Community Members, Institutes, Centers, Faculties, Departments And Units, who are in need of their services in any of the above mentioned areas of job, should please contact the Work Study Office located at Room 7 of the Student Affairs Division of the Division of the University or call any of the following numbers for more enquiries: 08038492526, 08023400362, 08063309946, 08023841734 and 08150744904 The registration for 2016/2017 session is on. Interested student must possess the following qualification: 1. Intereted student must be in 200 levels and above 2. He/She must have CGPA of 3.5 and above 3. He/She must be sound in health and ready to work 4. He/She must possess good manner. 5. Interested and qualified students should come to Work Study Office, Student Affairs Room 7 to collect application forms.


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