Update on UNIJOS New School Fees Charges

Stakeholders, Parents and Guardians who have children and wards in the University of Jos have consented to agree to the Federal Government mandate on another school charges structure for Federal Universities. speaking amid a stakeholders meeting sorted out by the University Management, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Seddi Sebastian Maimako educated the guardians and stakeholders that in light of the current economic difficulties, the charges as of now being paid by students was no longer realistic. He laid out different areas of huge expenditure by the University Administration to incorporate payment of electricity, provision of learning materials and stationeries, provision of accreditation requirements for academic Departments, running into several millions as against lessening month to month subvention from the Federal Government. The Vice-Chancellor noted that the circumstance is not not peculiar to University of Jos, as other Federal Government owned Universities in the country were confronting comparable difficulties inferable from the contending requests on the Federal Government’s restricted assets. Keeping in mind the end goal to orchestrate the school charges paid by students in Federal Universities, the Federal Government through the National Universities Commission (NUC) issued an order in 2015, affirming another school charges structure of Forty-Five Thousand Naira (N45,000) for every undergraduate student across board, to furnish them with the essential learning materials and conducive learning environment. The Vice-Chancellor spoke to all stakeholders particularly guardians and parents to put the interest of their children and wards first to guarantee that the University serves them effectively. He reminded them the need to ensure the interest of the University with the goal that it will even now be applicable for some eras to come. Thus, the Vice-Chancellor advised the guardians and stakeholders to guarantee that their children always pay their school fees at the designated places and channels given to them by the University to shield them from falling casualties of fraudsters. professor Maimako expressed gratitude toward the guardians and stakeholders for their support and guaranteed that the University would try harder towards giving quantitative education that would meet global measures.

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