How To Receive Payment From The US via Payoneer

Payoneer is designed to provide Online transaction to its clients. The clients get a Payoneer MasterCard, and they can utilize it simply like a common plastic card issued by their bank. It was established by Yuval Tal and the birth year of Payoneer was 2005. 

What Services do Payoneer  offers?

Your own particular International Bank Account: Payoneer account holder gets his his personal account identification and routing numbers, and that user needs to provide this detail to businesses that want to pay him via bank account. It’s much the same as your own particular US based bank account. Be that as it may, you can’t get payments by means of wire exchange and individual account holders to your account. So no compelling reason to open a bank account in the US. 

Note: Payoneer will just deduct 1% of the payment you’ll get, that is the lowest percentage charge when compared with other Online payment services providers.

Why Choose Payoneer: Many freelancing platforms Fiverr, Amazon and Upwork are supported by Payoneer. Online money makers had a problem in receiving their earnings when Payoneer wasn’t there, but now marketers, freelancers, and other Online earners can receive their payments directly in their Payoneer account and withdrawal process is easy.

Free of Charge Transactions between Payoneer Accounts:if recipient and sender have Payoneer accounts then no charges will apply to transactions. Indeed, even a nearby bank charges for this sort of interbank exchangetransactions yet Payoneer is an interesting and astonishing one.

Get Money in your Local Bank Account: You can likewise transfer cash from your Payoneer account to your local bank account and afterward you can withdraw the money.


Payoneer Mastercard: This one is the most intense thing in Payoneer. Payoneer gives its account holders this MasterCard, and the client can utilize this card on any ATM in the World to withdraw money, and furthermore he can utilize this card for Online payments.

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