NDA 69 Regular Course Entrance Exam Subject Combinations

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Entrance Exam holds 7.00am on 22 April, 2017. Candidates are to come to the Examination Centre with the following: a. Acknowledgement Slip (downloaded from NDA Application Portal). b. JAMB 2017 Registration Slip. c. Examination Admission Card (downloaded from NDA Application Portal). d. Two postcard size (3.5 x 5 inches) photographs. Candidate’s Name, State of Origin, Course chosen, Exam centre and Examination number should be written at the back of the photographs. e. Writing materials, including original HB pencil. Also, candidates are advised to note the following instruction as it concerns subject combinations for the examination. INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES ON NDAEE SUBJECTS COMBINATIONS PART ONE – USE OF ENGLISH – All candidates must answer the questions in Part One. PART TWO – CHOICE OF SUBJECTS a. Candidates for FASS. Candidates for FASS are to answer all questions in any THREE of the following subjects that are applicable to the candidate’s chosen course: (1) Mathematics – (Compulsory for Psychology candidates). (2) Economics. (3) Geography. (4) History. (5) Government. (6) French. (7) Biology – (Compulsory for Psychology candidates). b. Candidates for Sciences. Candidates for courses in Faculty of Science are to answer questions as follows: (1) Mathematics (Mathematics and any 2 of Physics, Chemistry and Economics). (2) Physics (Physics and any 2 of Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology). (3) Chemistry (Chemistry and any 2 of Physics, Biology and Mathematics). (4) Biology (Biology and any 2 of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics). c. Candidates for Engineering. Candidates for the Faculty of Engineering are to answer ALL questions in the 3 subjects listed below: (1) Mathematics. (2) Physics. (3) Chemistry. d. Candidates for Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies. Candidates for Intelligence & Cyber Security Studies are to answer the following: (1) Mathematics. (2) Physics and (3) Anyone of Biology, Chemistry or Economics.

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