5 for Friday

Good morning and happy FRIYAY to you!

So, I thought this new “5 for Friday” blog post idea would make a fun feature on CNC. It seems like a great way to round-up the week with little tidbits about what’s happening on the family front as well as sharing some of my “Friday favorites” and “What I’m Loving Lately.” It’s like the best of both worlds!

FAMILY – So many Halloween costumes, so little time! 

We’re getting really excited for Halloween and have been talking about Quinn’s costume non-stop for weeks now. Up until last week, he wanted to be a ghost likelast year. Then, he switched his costume to a bat. The bat idea actually stuck around for awhile, but, just yesterday, he changed his mind to vampire. He’s obsessed with all things “creepy,” so we’ll see what he ultimately picks. We actually might hit up our local party/Halloween store this weekend, so I’ll let you guys know what he picks!

FITNESS – My beloved Ghost Crops are now available in a new pattern! I love these pants so much. They’re super thin, but not see-through (at all) and highly durable. I’ve worn my first pair a zillion times on runs and during CrossFit and Orangetheory workouts and they still look brand new. The best part about these leggings though is that they DON’T SHOW SWEAT. For real. I’m an insanely sweaty person, and I don’t worry about these showing moisture in, um, the wrong places.

FOOD – Munk Pack Protein Cookies. I just wrote about these cookies yesterday, but I just had to mention them again because I’m such a huge fan. They’re a “healthy” treat without a bunch of funny stuff in them, but they taste like a true indulgence. Check out my full review for why I love them so much!

FAMOUS (well, famous-ish for a hot second) – I’m in the November issue of Health magazine! I’m so honored to be featured along side some other awesome bloggers and chefs. I share two of my favorite food swaps that have changed my body for the better over the years. Any guesses what they might be? 🙂

FUN – Sports bras made from 8 recycled plastic bottles! How cool is that? I’m wearing a Mirror Sports Bra from RUMI X, which is made from green technology and crafted from 8 recycled plastic bottles. It’s actually quite the awesome sports bra. I’m not usually someone who can wear one of those strap-y numbers, but this one fits really well and stays put during workouts.

Question of the Day

What’s your little one(s) being for Halloween this year?

Strap-y sports bras: yay or nay? 

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