Can I Conceive a Girl Baby If I Had an Orgasm During Intercourse?


The other day, I received an email from a hopeful mom to be who had read one of my articles that suggested avoiding female orgasm during intercourse if you were trying to conceive a girl baby or daughter.  She asked, in part: “Will my having an orgasm when trying conceive mean that I’ll get pregnant with a boy rather than a girl baby? Is there any way to change the outcome now? Will I get a son now?”  I’ll tell you what I told her in the following article and will also explain which factors go into gender selection and why these things matter.

Does Having An Orgasm During Conception Really Mean That You’ll Get Or Conceive A Boy?:  Here’s the reason that the orgasm equation comes into play.  Your vagina is either going to present an alkaline or acidic environment to the sperm that are trying to fertilize your egg.  A vagina with a high PH has an acidic environment which is favorable to conceiving a girl.  This is true because the X sperm chromosomes (which produce girl babies) are more resistant to the alkaline environment and actually thrive in acidity. 

A low PH is more alkaline and favors having a son because the Y or boy producing sperm chromosomes need a more alkaline environment to help them survive long enough to make it to the egg.  They are short lived anyway, but an acidic environment will shorten their life span even more.

When the mom to be has an orgasm when she conceives (this doesn’t matter at any other time) then her vagina becomes more alkaline and therefore has a lower PH.  So, as I’ve already alluded to, this is going to help the boy or Y sperm chromosomes, making you more likely to conceive a son.   But, is this a sure thing?  Does having an orgasm mean you are definitely going to have a boy and that you may as well forget about conceiving a girl? No, not at all, because there are other variables that come into play. (However, once conception happens, there is no way to change this outcome.)

Other Things That Are Just As Important: I’m assuming that if you’ve found this article, you want to have a female baby.  If this is the case, then what you want to do is to eliminate as many of the Y sperm as you can.  What you’re trying to do is to create a scenario where most of the sperm chromosomes that are left are the female variety.  It’s probably impossible to eliminate all of the boys, but you certainly want to do everything that you can to get close to this goal.

Acidity and PH are important, but they are not the only variable that determines your baby’s gender.  You will also want to address your timing.  As I’ve said, the boy or Y sperm are quite short lived, so if you conceive early, most of them will not be able to survive for long enough to wait on your egg.  This scenario is favorable to you. So, take advantage of this and have intercourse 3 – 4 days before the egg is ready.  However, it’s so important that you stop once you hit 2 days before.  This time frame will allow too many boy producing sperm.

With that said, it’s so important to actually know where you are in your cycle.  It’s not good enough or adequate enough to guess. Make sure that you’re not one of those people (as I was) that are just trying to conceive mid way through your cycle and hoping that this is good enough.  It’s usually not. I was quite surprised that I was ovulating much later in my cycle than I thought. This made a big difference.

Another important thing to look at is not just if you have orgasm during intercourse but also which positions you use. Shallow penetration is best used for folks who want a daughter because it takes advantage of the weakness of the Y’s.  Deep penetration will help those same Y’s make it to their destination because it gives them a little push to where they want to go.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that female orgasm is one of three considerations.  Hopefully, you were lucky enough to get the timing and the positioning right so that you already had a plentiful amount of X’s already present.  All you can really do now is to see what next month brings and go from there.  Don’t beat yourself up for something that has already passed.  You likely did not have the information then that you do now. The real key is to just go forward with the information that you do have and to do the best that you can from this point forward.


Source by Sandy Dean

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