Did you know that your nipples don't have to hurt while you breastfeed? One of …


Did you know that your nipples don’t have to hurt while you breastfeed? One of our favorite things is helping moms reach their breastfeeding goals-and not having to sacrifice your nipples in the meantime! _ Our newborn exams include breastfeeding specific needs. The way that a baby’s jaw palate tongue neck diaphragm and cranial bones work together are crucial in your baby being able to remove milk well and comfortably. _ Reasons that may mean that your baby’s mechanics are affecting your nursing: -creased or flattened nipples -pain on one side of the other -plugged ducts/mastitis -baby unlatching right after latching -babe preferring one side over the other -babe having a strong gage reflex -feeling like babe is having to work extra hard to remove milk _ While other things can add to this if you’re already working with an IBCLC and your momma gut tells you that something is still affecting your nursing-we work with you and your IBCLC to help you reach your goals. _ This sweet baby’s momma saw me through her pregnancy to prepare for her home birth and knew she wanted to have him checked to make sure he was doing well. He was so peaceful all through his exam and adjustment. We are so honored to help parents transition of bringing baby home. _ #normalizebreastfeeding #everwellfamilychiropractic #lnk #mylnk #chiropractor #icpa4kids #pregnancy #babywearing www.instagram.com… via www.everwellfamil…


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