Diet for a Baby Boy and How to Conceive Your Boy Baby Successfully


It is normal practice for a doctor to advise women who are overweight to lose the excess weight before they conceive and when trying to conceive. This will help prevent fertility problems and other complications during pregnancy. However scientists have found that women, who consume more calories and high levels of glucose in their blood and those who eat more breakfast cereal, often have more boys.

A diet suitable for conceiving a baby boy should be rich in sodium and potassium which provides more energy and nutrients for the embryo to develop into a boy baby.

Your daily diet contributes to the pH balance of your vaginal secretions. The more alkaline the vaginal fluids the better the boy sperm will perform. The diet for the baby boy should include plenty of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. Only small amounts of oils, dairy and refined grains are allowed as they will cause an acidic vaginal environment, which is not good for the Y sperm. Always drink plenty of water.

Increase your salt intake as soon as possible before conception:

The diet for a baby boy includes processed meats, soups and snacks and salted nuts and can all increase the likelihood to conceive a boy baby.

The father-to-be can also contribute towards the gender selection diet in a small but quite effective way. To give the Y sperm a boost, dad-to-be can add approx 9 mg of zinc each day to his diet. This is quite easy to do. Foods which will provide this nutrient are oysters and this nutrient will strengthen the male reproductive system and boost testosterone levels.

To give the male-producing sperm the extra boost, the male should drink a strong cup of coffee 10 – 15 minutes before conception.

Let’s take a look at foods to be avoided in your diet for a baby boy:

1) Milk in any form as milk contains high levels of calcium and magnesium.

2) Fish in the form of shrimp, crab, crayfish, lobster, mussels and oysters.

3) Egg yolk to be avoided at all costs.

4) Bread like milk bread and salt-free breads.

5) Fruits to be avoided are strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries.

6) Cakes and pastries if they contain milk.

7) Coke, chocolate and mustard are some additional foods to be avoided in your diet for a baby boy.

The following are foods which must be consumed daily:

1) Salt – You can salt your food to the maximum.

2) Fruit Juice – 500 ml pure fruit juice daily.

3) Meat or Fish – Can be eaten once per day especially bacon and smoked fish.

4) Fruit like banana should be consumed daily with one other fruit.

It is important to eat healthy everyday and don’t forget not to miss the most important meal of the day – your breakfast. Studies have shown that women, who consume healthy cereals at breakfast, are more likely to conceive boy babies.

The baby boy diet is the most important method to apply at the start of your journey in choosing your child’s gender, and if used together with other methods like positions during intercourse, your ovulation chart etc, then your chances of having your baby boy will increase dramatically.


Source by Ester Peters

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