Dominican Republic visit to Operation Blessing Projects

Photographs taken by Katie Pace
Operation Blessing Projects

40% of OB’s product currently comes from MAP, they also procure products themselves. We met with David Andrews from Operation Blessing at two projects. “We get great value in a relationship with MAP, it’s a partnership that we cherish.” – David Andrews. They hand carried amoxicillin from MAP to the first project that day. The Pastor in charge of the projects works with the government well in times of disaster. They also have an anti-trafficking campaign called One by One in which they speak to children on awareness and train at other institutions. The Pastor running all the projects is Maria Cristina Gregorio. There are 300 people in her congregation and 4 pregnant woman lost their unborn children to what they think is Zika. “Zika is everywhere.” They aren’t doing HIV testing anymore in this areas…
First OB clinic is Centero Medico Plaxede. Woman in pink and yellow embroidered shirt said “God bless you, we are grateful for your medicine. They gave me very lovely attention at the clinic.” The elderly were at this clinic and were provided with oatmeal for breakfast.
Second OB clinic, physician has worked with OB for many years. He has just opened this new clinic in a nicer area in order to get good physicians and they bring in the patients from other areas to be seen. They have only been open for 3 weeks and they treat more than just physical needs. They see 70-80 patients each week. He is a gynecologist and his wife is a pediatric nurse. They primarily work with low resource patients in areas that aren’t safe. They had food from Stop Hunger Now in their clinic they give it to families in most need. All medicines are given for free. They evangelize, give consultations, and provide the medicines. They have a lot of medicine samples that they get from pharma reps. All expirations looked good, they had a lot of product made in the Dominican. They received Tronex masks from MAP that are very helpful, especially with their dental clinics. “Food is so beneficial to these families and children. We want to be sure the families are healthy with vitamins, food, nutrition, and school.” Dr. is Lalane De Leon he said “this joy we have becomes a chain effect in the community.” They see a lot of patients with high blood pressure. His clinic is called Ministerio Comunitario Kairos

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