He is my miracle

He is my miracle

I love, love, love every one of his delicious fat rolls. When he was three months old, I was lucky enough to spend time with the wonderful and ever so talented photographer, Serena. I teared up several times during our session. (I was never a crier before I became a Momma.) It was such an incredible experience working with such a close friend who knew what he represents in our family. She was a supporting part of our journey over the last four years to be in this place, right now, with a healthy, beautiful baby.

There where many times when I truly believed there would never be a third. That I’d have to live the rest of my life with that feeling that there was a baby out there I was meant to have; and due to various circumstances, I’d never get to meet. He is such a miracle in so many ways. He was destined to be here and I have the honor to be the one to watch him grow. My family is the result of so many prayers by more people than I’ll ever know.

All of my children are miracles, but there is that special something, something knowing he’s my last. He’s quite the ninny baby as it’s called in our house. It’s what he was most thankful for at Thanksgiving 😉 At 7.5 mths he still hasn’t taken to any attempts we’ve made to introduce cereal or baby food into his life.

It’s already time to drop the crib mattress down and put away all the burp cloths, bibs and baby clothes under 12 mths. Babyhood in our home is very rapidly coming to an end. The birthing years of my life are behind me, that chapter forever closed. I feel content when I think about it. A peace that I never had when I tried to wrap my brain around only having two children. There is a small part that is sad with each of his new milestones. But I’m ready, I have enjoyed each phase and I look forward to our new family adventures. I am so blessed that I have such incredible maternity sessions to help me always remember.

I try to live in each moment and savor every day with all of my children. I no longer take client work, I’m on indefinite maternity leave. We’ve had to make more financial sacrifices but I just couldn’t juggle it all. My oldest is already on the 8 side of 7, I’m now even more aware of how quickly the years fly by. I do not take motherhood for granted. I try to not complain about the pregnancies or the parenting. I am very aware that there are many, many women out there who would gladly deal with any of my daily frustrations to have a child. I know I am very blessed.

Thankfully I’ve found my own rhyme with three. We have a lot of family outings and play dates. We do a LOT of crafts, journaling and I’m shooting even more pictures this year. The Baby is 7.5 months old and I’m still current with his photo a day project. By current I mean taking them, there is no longer any hope of having them processed and printed by his birthday. But it’s all a matter of priorities. I also haven’t dusted in months and I rarely know what we’re eating for dinner 🙂

I am reliving some of that first baby bliss. We have a lot of one on one time since there is a five year age gap and both of my older children are in school. Mothering an infant seems so much easier now. I’m more confident with experience and have a full heart knowing my family is healthy and complete. My heart swells to almost bursting levels when I watch them together, my miracles.

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