L.A. Times How can L.A. create better places to play?

L.A. Times How can L.A. create better places to play?

Los Angeles is park poor, and there are unfair park, school, and health disparities. Children of color living in poverty disproportionately lack access to parks, to school fields, to healthy food in grocery stores and restaurants, and to cars or transit to reach parks, schools, or healthy foods. They suffer from the highest levels of child obesity.

The chart shows acres of parkland per 1,000 residents by city council district. Deborah Schoch, "How can L.A. create better places to play?" Los Angeles Times, June 1, 2007, citing The City Project, Healthy Parks, Schools, and Communities (2006).

Thus, for example, there are .43 total acres of parks per thousand residents in District 10 (Wesson) in South Los Angeles, and 57.68 in District 11 (Rosendahl) in West Los Angeles.

South Los Angeles is disproportionately populated by people of color and low income people, while West Los Angeles is disproportionately white and wealthy.

Visit the core maps and analyses covering healthy, livable communities for all.

There are similar unfair disparities to parks and recreation based on
*State Assembly,
*State Senate,
*County Supervisorial, and
*LAUSD districts.

Read more in The City Project’s Policy Report Healthy Parks, Schools, and Communities: Mapping Green Access and Equity for the Los Angeles Region, a guide for creating healthy, livable communities for all.

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