Natural Labor Inducing Techniques For Overdue Moms – Safely Induce Your Own Labor Today


Are you an overdue mom looking for a way to induce your own labor? Are you tired of people suggesting medical induction as your only means of relief? Do you wish that you could find a way to jump-start your labor on your own? Thankfully, you can make that happen and you can start today. You just need to learn some natural labor inducing techniques.

There are many ways to safely induce your labor on your own and without the help of a medical professional. If you are worried about taking some sort of an induction drug to help push your labor along, then these techniques are the perfect back up plan for you. These methods of induction will ensure that you aren’t causing any harm to the baby, or your body whatsoever. They are safe to use and they will give you the results that you are looking for.

A great natural labor inducing technique that you should try first, is to eat some foods that help to induce labor. For example, try eating fresh tropical fruits like kiwis, mangoes and pineapple. Tropical fruits such as these contain a certain enzyme that has been shown to induce labor. It helps to dilate the cervix and begin the process of labor. If you don’t wish to eat tropical fruits, then perhaps your taste buds prefer a spicy kind of food. Spicy foods work just as well to induce labor because they speed up the natural systems of the body.

If eating foods really isn’t on the menu for you, then sex is a great natural labor inducing technique. Having sex works so well to induce your labor because it helps to reduce the tension and stress in your body. Having sex helps to put your mind at ease and to take your mind off what is happening to you. As well, having an orgasm really works in your favor because when a woman orgasms, the cervix dilates. You want your cervix to move because this is how you are going to give birth. Having a sexy romp session can really work for you and can help to jump-start your labor.

Another natural labor inducing technique is to laugh. Laughing hard can induce your labor and break your water. Getting angry can also do the trick but it is not healthy for you or the baby. Try watching some funny movies and that will help to induce your labor and get the birthing process going.


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