Running Diva Mom: Just be-YOU-tiful.

In the world of social media, I find women doing more and more of the comparison game.

Women have often compared themselves to one another. Who has better legs. More defined arms. A flatter tummy. Embarrased of stretch marks. Cellulite. Muffin tops. But with social media, it’s like an edited magazine cover being flashed in front of your face over and over … and over again. Scroll through your newsfeed and you’ll see women taking a dozen selfies until they get the best angle. Friends editing photos with filters before posting. I admit that I am guilty of this too. We get sucked in. And we think that everyone is better. Prettier. Smarter. Thinner. Flawless. Not true. Take this for example. I have lost fifty pounds (slowly over the past eighteen months) and I feel awesome. I feel comfortable in shorts and tank tops. I don’t feel like I have to suck it in. I walk around my neighborhood without makeup at times now. I feel better than I ever have. You’d think that my life would be perfect now that I’ve reached my goal weight. That my journey is over.   Not true.

I still have insecurities. I have belly fat. It’s there. Sometimes I hide it with the right top. But I’m no longer embarrassed of it.   I know that my body is beautiful and strong. I know that my husband feels the same way about it. I know that I’m setting a good example for my three children. If I was sitting on my butt all day complaining about it and not doing anything about it, then that would be a problem. But I workout almost every day, fuel it right and do what I love.   Lets be done with the comparison game. We are all beautiful. If there is something you don’t like about your body, work through it. Work on it. Make a change. But don’t compare yourself to others. They probably have things that they don’t like about themselves, too. It’s sad, but true. Filters and camera angles won’t make you better than the other person — or them better than you. Just be-YOU-tiful.

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