Strange Signs of Pregnancy – Very Early Pregnancy Signs


Most women are aware of the common pregnancy symptoms. Most women while planning their pregnancy are prepared to face these earliest signs of pregnancy. But majority women are unaware and not prepared to face these unusual pregnancy symptoms. Only some women are aware that signs of pregnancy are extremely unpredictable.

These signs of pregnancy increase the anxiety and confusion linked with pregnancy. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for the women to detect or confirm their pregnancy specifically if it is the first one. Most pregnant women start to worry if these unusual signs of pregnancy are the alarming bells of any pregnancy related complications.

Some mom-to-be makes the most major blunder of not informing these pregnancy symptoms to their doctors, which is not healthy for the health of the mother as well as the growing fetus.

The comprehensive knowledge of unusual signs of pregnancy is important to know for all women planning pregnancy.

Spider Veins: A most unusual sign of pregnancy is the veins that surround the chest and upper arms suddenly become more prominent. This sign of pregnancy worry a lot to those women who hates spider veins. Their confusion can be relieved I they know that it is only because of an increased blood flow towards the chest.

Nasal Congestion: Sometimes the nose of the pregnant women becomes clog repeatedly. The proper knowledge helps the woman to understand that it is mainly because of nasal congestion which is an unusual sign of pregnancy. Nasal congestion contributes in giving even more uncomfortable and sleepless nights as is generally the case during seasonal flu. It sometimes results in the bleeding of nose as well. This nasal congestion is not accompanied by any other sign of seasonal cold. So whenever the woman who is expecting or planning pregnancy faces a repeated nasal congestion in the perfect weather then it is good to consult doctor.

Metallic Taste: A strange metallic taste in the early pregnancy is also an unusual or strange sign of pregnancy. This metallic taste is because of the drastic changes in the level of hormones in early pregnancy.

Flatulence: Flatulence and gases are also an embarrassing and uncomfortable early pregnancy signs. If pregnancy is confirmed this unusual pregnancy signs can be better handled by slight modification in diet plan.

Increase in Production of Saliva: Sometimes pregnant moms start to experience increased saliva in the mouth. Increased saliva results in the most usual and uncomfortable pregnancy sign “Nausea”. Sometimes mom- to be has to experience drooling of their mouth in early pregnancy during sleep.

Leg Cramps: Whenever you wake up in the middle of the night because of leg cramps or because of the pain in legs it is good to contact doctor. These leg cramps are because of calcium deficiency. This deficiency becomes more obvious in early pregnancy and results in leg cramps. Doctor can prescribe some calcium tablet to reduce the pain and relieve this unusual pregnancy symptom.

Facial Hair: No matter how much a woman had paid for the removal of facial hair till there is an increase in pigmentation as well as facial hair during pregnancy. It is recommended to go to the doctor’s clinic instead of visiting a parlor of such hair growth is seen in early pregnancy.

It is good to contact doctor if any of the above early pregnancy symptom is seen.


Source by Mazher Iqbal

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