Tagged by Kurt (Ian Sane)

Tagged by Kurt (Ian Sane)

I’ve been tagged by Kurt (Ian Sane).
The picture’s from a year or two ago, completely unintended when I moved, but I kinda like the effect. I labelled it "multifacetted" at the time.

Here’s my 16 things:

1. I have been a gypsy: I have had at least 25 addresses since I left home at age 17, thirty years ago (there you go, snuck my age in, too). The longest I have been in any one residence in that time is 5 years (Nijmegen Holland mid80s; and Adelaide Australia, mid90s).

2. I am a hoarder, with an embarrassment of cardboard boxes.

3. I have my dysfunctional contradictions. eg: #2 makes #1 somewhat complex.

4. Possible astrological explanation for above-mentioned contradictions (see #3) is that there are lots of squares in my chart (eg: sun square moon, venus square mars). Leo Sun, Scorp Moon, Aries Rising, Cancer Venus, Libran Mars.

5. I compost, I grow veges (at the moment), I’m a wannabe permaculturalist.

6. The Dalai Lama, Aung Sang Suu Kyi (wikipedia spelling), Nelson Mandela & Angelina Jolie are my role models.

7. My favourite foods are avocado, beetroot, pumpkin and ginger. Separately or in combination. Any combination.

8. It took me 6 years, 2 husbands and 3 miscarriages to have a child. Then another miscarriage after he was born. I still wake up grateful for him every day. He copes with the pressure quite gracefully, all things considered.

9. My parents divorced when I was a teenager, and both remarried and had new families. As well as my sister from their marriage, I have five brothers and sisters who are 20-odd years younger than me (2 from Mum, 3 from my father). They are an amazing gift.

10. I’m a save-the-green-gay-whales lefty in my politics.

11. I read tarot, crime novels, French poststructuralism, social science journals and trashy women’s mags.

12. I am a former fat chick. I have been obese (30kgs heavier than now). Lost the weight 6 or more years ago, still fluctuate a bit, but within an “overweight” range rather than “obese”. Becoming sustainably healthy in my lifestyle (most of the time) is probably the thing I am most proud of achieving.

13. I nag my friends about exercise and leafy green vegetables (refer #12). Appallingly bossy about it at times. Am working on having the maturity to allow people the right to choose their own journeys (as long as they eat their leafy green veges!).

14. Writing is as necessary as breathing.

15. I like animals and teenagers. Most animals, most teenagers.

16. Lindt chocolate balls have been known to send me to a deeply spiritual place.

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