Teen Pregnancy – Pros and Cons of Adoption


A teenager thinking about adoption for her baby really does need to think about the pros and cons of adoption. Because she is young, she may have difficulty making such a hard decision. Usually, she is having to decide what to wear to school or what to take for her lunch. Parent a child? Release a child? Those are not every day decisions.

When I think about my daughters being teenagers and having children or I imagine that I am a teenager having a child, these are some pros and cons I would consider:


I am still a child in many respects myself, and probably have no business being responsible for another human being!

I have a long life ahead of me to live and so much to do. How will I be able to accomplish what I need to if I am parenting?

My baby deserves a good chance at life. He or she needs a mom and a dad to teach and guide her. I can hardly take care of myself right now.

If someone else raises my child, I will know that they are being loved and are happy and having a wonderful life. Perhaps they will be the next President of the United States, or maybe they will develop the cure for cancer. Whose spouse will they be?

If I release my baby for adoption, they can have a wonderful life and I can continue to do what I need to do in life, knowing that they are happy and healthy.

I will have joy in the knowledge that I made someone’s dream to be a parent come true. I will be their angel.


I won’t be the mommy to my baby.

I won’t see them every day, see them take their first steps, say their first words…

I risk being judged or unsupported by my family and friends.

I will go through a pregnancy, labor and delivery but will not have a baby to take home.

Maybe you can think of more pros and cons…make your own list or add to this one. It seems like the cons are more short term issues…the pros are lifelong positive results of a difficult decision, but one that leaves everyone better in the long haul. Whatever you decide, it won’t be easy…parenting is not easy; it’s hard work. Placing a baby is not easy either; it’s hard too. You have to make the best decision for you and your baby.


Source by Debbie Santora

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