..THE COLLECTIVE EPISODE ONE COVER REVEAL … UNBROKEN By Riley Edwards Add to your Goodreads TBR list ift.tt/2lxrdg7 Are you ready for a sneak peak of Unbroken A Collective Novel? Excerpt from chapter one Titty twisters and nipples My heroine (Ava) is speaking to her 10 year old son ( JJ) Two double-scoops of chocolate chunk later we were home dinner done homework complete and I was beat. I still had household bills to pay and cleaning to do before I called it a night but I could barely keep my eyes open. When I was at work with the hustle and bustle of the cafĂ© I didnt have time to dwell on all that I had to do by myself and how much had fallen between the cracks. I didnt have time to think about how lonely I was. I had JJ. He was my entire world and I loved him beyond measure but I missed cuddling. I missed watching a movie and holding hands. Stolen kisses before work. And sex. I missed sex. Mama why can girls give boys titty twisters but boys cant give them back to girls? JJ asked. Wow that came way out of left field. Well girls shouldnt really be giving them to boys either. They hurt. And maybe we shouldnt be using that word Titty. Today Stacy gave Carver a titty twister. He screamed it hurt so bad. So he gave her one back. A good one too Mom. She cried and everything. Stacy was mad and told Mrs. Fifthen. Mrs. Fifthen told Carver that he cannot touch girls there because it was inappropriate. Carver asked why Stacy could grab his man nipple but he couldnt grab her girl nipple. He said a nipple is a nipple. I agree a nipple is a nipple. My nipple hurts after Stacy gives me one too. So fair is fair right? I mean if a girl get to touch my nipple I should be allowed to touch her nipple too. I tried I mean I really tried to hold the laughter in but I couldnt. The laughter bubbled up and erupted. I knew I needed to tell him to stop saying titty and nipple but I couldnt. I couldnt breathe I was laughing so hard. It felt good to laugh sitting on the couch with my boy having a real belly laugh. My sides hurt and tears were pouring down my cheeks as I tried to stop myself. You look pretty mama. I like it when you laugh. I pulled my little boy who was no longer so little to me and snuggled him close. Thank you little man. I love it when you laugh too. Now you cannot give girls titty twisters. Your teacher is right. It is inappropriate for a boy to grab a girls breast. GROSS! No one was talking about grabbing a boob. I was talking about nipples. Stacy doesnt have boobs. She looks like me. I heard Kendall telling Stacy that her mom told her she was starting to bud. Why would she bud? I dont understand why Kendalls mom would tell her she was going to start growing flowers. Do you think she means she likes to plant stuff? Sweet baby Jesus save me now. 2017 Riley Edwards Curious about THE COLLECTIVE ??? Website ift.tt/2kXsrhf FB ift.tt/2lxfJZG Email thecollectivenove… Newsletter sign up ift.tt/2kXsedT


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