The Nice Escape

* If it feels proper, it’s [and vise versa]

Johanna did not like my first drawing.

I used to be sat there, having positioned myself intentionally out within the open within the lounge of my mum’s flat as a substitute of at my ordinary spot tucked away in my mum’s little cubby room engaged on this pc.

I used to be sat there at my mum’s timeless previous oak eating desk, having fun with catching a glimpse of Johanna as she flitted about, beguilingly shoving my mom’s historical hoover across the flat forward of her, smiling beguilingly at any time when our paths crossed [as she always does].

[Johanna calls me You-liun, whenever she says hello to me.]

Noticing me drawing on the desk, Johanna – Yo-hanna – had come away from her hoover for a second and had walked over to be beside me on the head of the eating desk to have a look at what I used to be doing.

"I do not like your drawing", she’d stated to me instantly, instinctively repulsed.

"It has unhealthy power!" she’d stated. "You have to be constructive!!" she’d then coaxed in a caring, correcting-motherly type of a manner [she has a teenage son back in Poland she goes back to be with every 6 weeks after her 6-week intensive, money-gathering work stint here in the UK).

Johanna had clearly thought that I was dwelling on the negative far too much.

"It’s a poster for economics", I’d appealed, trying to shed the responsibility for the nasty grey image I’d just created.

[I’m smiling now as I write this – I’m back there, drawing at the dining table on Johanna-Friday, watching Johanna flit about, the kitchen radio playing happily in the background…. She really makes my mum’s flat an extra special happy place to live in – I love her for it.]

That gray, obnoxious picture of absurd expectations and merciless threats given one’s sure failure to carry out, had been impressed from notes I would just made about efficiency administration, and people emerged from me reflecting and attempting to unpack that bloody JCP’s shoddy remedy of me and folks like me, and the callous management regime that it’s all born out of – born out of pure, black, unfavorable pressure and hate.

You see I had simply sketched out a menu of different decision-behaviour-control-return efficiency administration patterns the opposite evening.

There have been the constructive, loving-parent and accountable grownup, happier varieties.

However there have been additionally a pair that had made me really feel sick to the core [I’d labelled them Abusive and the worst one, Psychopathic].

After which there was the one I would labelled Autistic – I realised that was related right here, too.

Drawing that horrible gray picture as an instance this concept on the next day, I would subconsciously fallen on the disagreeable, unfavorable state of affairs as my focus [I am bitter and angry at what this all means to me when I remind myself of it all. Writing that letter to David Cameron was intense for me. And current events on the news and the barrage of gutter politics spewing forth, and my endless inappropriate treatment, and the prolonged …. suffering of my family and close friends…with no end yet in sight — I am ashamed to admit it, but it *is* hard for me to lighten up sometimes! But I need to get all this out.]

Johanna had seen straight through Julian’s playful little masks.

She’d seen my residual misery in her very first glimpse of my face and in that horrible gray picture that I used to be busily drawing [although she had no idea at that moment why I was drawing it and what lay behind it all].

You see: Johanna has *perception*.

I had been meaning to make that nasty gray image my visible abstract of how NOT to let issues work, right here in our little group of Nice Britain.

However Johanna is simply what the physician ordered.

Simply bellowing hellfire and damnation out of your pulpit, pretending to be the scariest management freak within the valley – making an attempt to regulate by worry and pressure – isn’t the easiest way: it is simply too damned unfavorable!!

And now, look: right here I used to be about to do it myself!!

[don’t bitch and blame – focus on the positive and empower, Julian!]

I all the time have the Earlier than plus the After visions each in thoughts when attempting to make it clear to myself what beauty like and what I wish to transfer away from, so [and, as if by black magic, to invisibly please Johanna and thus to make myself feel good about myself in this work in knowing that this would have pleased her] I threw myself into the latter – that is the place that sunny picture of a fortunately messy but industrious childhood bed room and its always-open door to its thrilling grownup world beckoning past the maternal threshold all got here from.

[lego together was our thing, in the House of Julian].

And so I would drawn that happier image at the present time, Sunday, stuffed with color and daylight, very proudly and fortunately sat once more there at my mum’s previous eating desk over breakfast this morning – pushed as I then was by my imaginative and prescient of one thing clearly a lot, significantly better; wanting urgently to make it actual.

Johanna’s manner.

I see good efficiency administration – a type organised behaviour management – as A Good Factor.

Nonetheless I do know you’ll want to match the proper efficiency administration regime to the proper efficiency administration drawback.

Executed proper, the worth of excellent efficiency administration to us is within the energy that it affords us to provide ourselves a considerably higher likelihood of realising our personal imaginative and prescient of our personal success.

Executed it flawed – as some sort of lopsided dogma monster – and everybody suffers.

So efficiency administration have to be a well-engineered, measured answer.

The place an individual or group really feel that there is a actual likelihood of shedding one thing of significance to them, through their would-be neglect of efficient management, then there’s a must implement that exact diploma of management to make sure that the whole lot performs fortunately ultimately. On this case, extra [ie more effective] management is A VERY GOOD THING.

I am labouring this level as a result of management has a nasty rap in some circles.

Rightly so.

You blunder in and unwittingly simply a lot as utter the primary syllable of the phrase "CON-TR…" and a few individuals [like my beloved sister for instance] explode into hellfire, as a fire-breathing dragon with very unhealthy indigestion.

And have a look at me: I am whingeing-on right here about feeling over-controlled and under-served to the purpose of destroy by Huge Dave’s "again to work or no advantages" regime!?

I now see this matter fairly clearly:

The phrase ‘management’ is a poor relic of a phrase from our normally fairly trusty English language – it has vastly totally different meanings in numerous contexts for various individuals.

My sister rightly places leads on her canine when she goes out for her every day canine walks; and even with their tangible leads taken off as soon as all are safely located at her native dog-running park, her canine menagerie nonetheless simply sit there obediently, loyally wagging their tails, ready with nice pleasure [daring to not so much as fart] except and till my sister – their undisputed chief – has given them that now very well-rehearsed twitch of their mistress’s eyebrow – the sign meaning they’re now let off their invisible psychological leashes and are let out to play as they may [in a controlled manner].

An elaborate and kind-hearted system of efficiency administration and management, skillfully applied and maintained. Sure?

Er, No: Huge Sis won’t ever settle for her Little Brother calling what she does that! Accountable dogmanship, sis would possibly want to name it [maybe!?…]

You see, I believe my sister has a conceptual sunburn subject with the entire "management" thought – means one thing very silly and hurtful to her I believe.

I agree: it typically can.

In a poisonous relationship, when a imply accomplice would possibly cruelly deny you primary human nourishment except and till you carry out some degrading act to their very own self-satisfaction, for example.

That would definitely be regarded by most as "controlling" ie "nasty" – however on this state of affairs the oppressor is being imply to his/her accomplice into the discount.

So, sure: it isn’t wholesome management. It is over-control. Dangerous management. Merciless!

Nonetheless, notably in formal venture administration circles, the systematised use of the phrase "management" can also be very positively regarded.

Management is seen right here as the entire level of all of your funding in an elaborate system to help your complete enterprise – it is the mandatory enterprise perform that is tasked with capturing your loved ones’s inspiring imaginative and prescient of the long run; with making strong plans to attain that imaginative and prescient; with delegating a sufficiency of effort to implement that plan; with making certain that it’s effectively utilized inside an organised setting of significant and but joyful trade; and with the monitoring and steering of all that to safe your final success.

[very much like the 2012 London Olympics!! – brilliant example of positive control.]

For venture managers, management is a no brainer: if there’s worth then there’s threat and if there’s threat then there is a want for efficient management.

And to ship that efficient management there must be a match efficiency administration regime underpinning all of it – beginning with a reliable plan. In any other case overlook it.

Ie overlook about the entire enterprise, I imply!

For with out the proper type of efficiency administration and management, THE ENTERPRISE SHALL FAIL.

So all enterprises [note: taking one’s family of 26 dogs, 14 cats and the moulting budgerigar out into the local community for its daily walk is also a kind of "enterprise"] all enterprises profit from a strong management regime of some description.

However there may be all the time the yin and the yang to them; the fuzzy and the concrete; the duties and the freedoms; the unconditional nourishment and the bonuses for further effort and excessive achievement.

The formal efficiency administration system shall safe our important hierarchy of must-haves, however it should additionally ship us a loads of built-in liberal areas for all our unavoidable unknowns; for brand spanking new discoveries, and for all our nice-to-get optionally available extras.

In social settings, certain, there’s the necessity for the occasional robust arm across the shoulder when acceptable, however this should essentially include an abundance of the I-trust-you-Julian-carry-ons very prominently within the combine.

And vitally, all enterprises and their formalised administration programs have to be born out of a very good coronary heart.

[Otherwise what are we all here for!?]

However this isn’t information to anybody as of late.

So why does it go flawed?

Nicely, one cause is that the larger an organisation will get, the extra you’ll want to de-skill to afford its dimension, and the extra you utilize low-skilled employees to maintain prices down, the extra you’ll want to orchestrate the only of duties. And the extra you attempt to pin down everybody to only these duties, the more serious all of it behaves.

That is unhealthy sufficient in "protected" environments like engineering – the supply of a lot industrial distress and unrest for us for many years. However when there are individuals being "processed" as a substitute of nuts and bolts – be careful!!

One other undesirable impact with dimension is chinese language whispers.

Huge authorities organisations based mostly on billion-pound service-provider pyramids delivering immature service designs will undergo from the mom of all chinese-whisper syndromes [even if they manage to get their service design and staffing right at the coalface – big if!!] A harsh voice on the prime of the pyramid unavoidably turns into the brutalising regime on the backside.

My work programme supplier workplace supervisor was simply lapping-up using his favorite phrase "brutal" to explain his conception of the federal government’s new back-to-work regime now being rushed down his tubes. However he clearly was missing the perception to understand and acknowledge the reality: that he was a part of the evil. He and his bottom-tier authorities welfare company [a social charity] – unexpectedly set-up to seize the large pot of revenue being doled out from above – are psychologically one step faraway from feeling morally obligated to take care.

* On this fuzzy dysfunctional pyramid of our personal design, nobody is responsible for their very own immorality.

And this too has simply occurred to me: Legislation.

The authorized system itself is the best chinese-whisper machine ever conceived by man or beast!

By means of the time-honoured equipment of Justice and Good Authorities, humanity and financial sanity get elaborated and transmuted into a number of the worst sort of group toxins Civilisation has ever seen, through this HUMONGOUS chinese-whisper merry-go-round:

However after all all of it begins very effectively, thoughts, with…

GENUINE HUMAN AND PROFESSIONAL CONCERN for an important and urgent social and financial issues of the day.

As an example: A person struggles to maintain his job, fails, then he and his entire household turns into distressed, economically and emotionally. His mates fall subsequent after which the neighbours and his enterprise contacts [whom he never really got on with but now needs to "network" to seek work, as all the conventional vacancy boards are barren] and so now public concern is rightly recognised by these able to take the mandatory corrective measures to help.

Now that is then fantastically morphed, through time-honoured and delicately honed civil observe into:

ORIGINAL LAW [where a lot of genuine MP and Civil Servant effort is spent on dotting all the civil liberties and crossing all the cost-effective system-building powers… and whilst the heady concoction of media and election brownie points for the most vocal advocates is seriously at stake]

Like that Unique Legislation the Jobseekers Act 1995 [ I know: that’s not the original law either, but allow me], which begins: "An Act to supply for a jobseeker’s allowance and to make different provision to advertise the employment of the unemployed and the help of individuals with no settled lifestyle. Be it enacted by the Queen’s most Wonderful Majesty, by and with the recommendation and consent of the Lords Non secular and Temporal, and Commons, on this current Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the identical, as follows:"…. Sound’s all jolly good! Sure? Must be: Look! The Queen’s even put her Good hand upon it!…]

Now the chinese-whisper dry rot assaults, as the primary layers of this glimmering authorized iceberg, invisible just under the frozen media waterline begin to kick in, morphing that Unique Legislation into:

AMENDED LAW [where no one cares and all manner of cruel twists can get put in on the nod – this is where Georgie Boy gets to ply his evil, along with his best buddy, Mr Silent Death, that other welfare reforming Saint; you know the one; that leadership failure; that socio-political luminary possessing all the warm-hearted intellect and charisma of Dr Shipman…. wait a minute!… It *is* Doctor Shipman! Well I never!?]

Eg we discover this: Shipman’s Welfare Reform Act 2012: "…The quantity of an award of common credit score is to be decreased … if a claimant … fails for no good cause to adjust to a requirement imposed by the Secretary of State… [for a period] not exceeding three years…"

THREE YEARS!! No meals for three entire years!!! Shipman himself received much less, did not he!??

Simply think about.. if the Nice British welfare pyramid, by some random statistical anomaly, had only a few chinks in its implementation, and if some poor souls turned sanctioned by mistake…

Gosh! Think about. No cash for 3 years!… I higher do a cashflow spreadsheet to see if this has any impression on my winter snowboarding journey this yr… Three years! oh effectively – the man who’d get a sanction in all probability deserved it – not price delaying the authorized instrument for that! In spite of everything, we have a complete raft of Queen’s speech stuff to ship this parliament. Should press on.

Chop chop!

However then there’s extra, rather more.

As a result of this then silently and sneakily, deep under the frozen waterline, out of all media curiosity, will get cunningly morphed into:

GOVERNMENT AGENCY ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATIONS [where Big Brother Frankenstein is bolted together – including Doctor Shipman’s personal precise and favourite definition of what "one bowl of warmish soup" shall mean [at most]]

which morphs into:

DWP SYSTEM DESIGNS [no "design" at all here in fact – just throw out change after change and lash it all together with big dollops of the welfare IT budget to make it at least appear "professional"]

And CRITICALLY: that is the place the nice prime man – that Secretary of State – will get dehumanised and cost-effectively systematised into the type of any imply and moronic robotic that the DWP or any one in all it is 1000 parasitical companies deem as match to place into her most honourable footwear.

That "Advisor" going through you now has all of the powers of the Queen’s Authorities over you.

The powers to really feel happy; or to sanction you at will.

However powers usually are not sufficient. Summary programs want routinised human procedures to deploy their energy and apply actual social pressure. For, in a democratic society, all individuals [whether he be a good’n or bad’n] shall require Due Course of.

And in an enormous pyramid system like this one, the place complexity abounds and the place operator abilities are very onerous to seek out, key [life and death] Determination Makers shall all the time require clear guidelines and informative guides if they’re to have any likelihood of understanding find out how to play their small half in the entire.

And so, via this cautious implementation, we’d genuinely hope to ship the general system competence that the voting public really deserve.

So then, our wonderful system designs now get additional morphed into:


These are fairly effectively written now, really, however completely ignored by the entrance line operators who’ve neither learn them nor handed any multiple-choice take a look at on their content material, and who really feel compelled to misquote them gaily [to protect their power bluff over the claimant] in a sick welfare centre sport of Trivial Pursuit!

[They are immense documents buried in immense DWP websites]

And thus we discover, buried in these high quality administration marvels [carrying the full, transparent legal weight of Clause 42.3 Part a. 1 Amendment 4 Part B Item 3c of "The Act"] a bit of inconspicuous annex; a easy desk which briefly informs the Determination Maker [and the "customer" too, if only they had bothered to write a claimant guide] how these justly measured sanctions at the moment are to be pretty and proportionately metered out:

"… failure to take part with work programme… missed appointment… fast sanction… 26 weeks…. pregnant woman… lower profit to £6 per 24 hours… wholesome grownup male…. lower profit to………. Nil – no declare to hardship; no interim survival funds throughout enchantment……… [I wonder how long the appeal is???… prob only a couple of days… hmmm….] ….. Ah! Attraction…. delay unspecified….. Entry to authorized support?……………. Nil. Disaster loans?……………. barred if sanctioned."

Oh pricey.

[so when that JCP welcome desk lady said everyone get 60% at least, she was not speaking the… errrr….. Truth!!?]

Oh gosh: do hope my work programme advisor likes individuals like me!!

After which these fantastically crafted high quality administration guides get morphed into:

JCP FRONT LINE CUSTOMER SERVICE PROCEDURES [including those warm-hearted Customer Service quality posters flanked by all those gently smiling security guards with in-ear walkie talkies…]

DWP Buyer Service Process.

Doc Quantity: 14-1234-16.b-2013-rev107.46.23-Beta.

Title: JCP Advisor "actively jobseeking" buyer evaluate assembly.


1. Make assembly [stonewall all customer requests for personal choice]. Within the occasion buyer declines Advisor’s first comfort,

a. press F7 [block payment for previous 2-weeks + report a doubt as "available for work" to line manager for customer interrogation]. ** word to keyboard operator: take care to not press F9 by mistake

b. inform buyer that each one his profit funds at the moment are suspended indefinitely; that his advantages could also be decreased or cancelled going forwards; and DO NOT promise any time for the subsequent tortured course of to finish it is grim course

c. deploy stonewall "robust love" face

2. Require written proof [in a form to satisfy the Advisor, not the customer].

three. Presume buyer’s guilt and the DWP’s 100% infallibility of its complete system.

four. Problem veracity of all proof introduced aggressively ["tough love" policy review, November 5th, 2012].

5. Learn secret info hyperlinks to buyer’s work programme supplier case folder for any studies of the client’s failure to take part. [do not disclose WPP reports to customer – even if he begs]

6. Upon first failure famous:

a. press F9 [block payment for previous 2-weeks + submit to decision maker queue for initial review].

b. inform buyer that each one his profit funds at the moment are suspended indefinitely; that his advantages could also be decreased or cancelled going forwards; and DO NOT promise any time for the subsequent tortured course of to finish it is grim course

c. deploy stonewall "robust love" face

7. Remember to frustrate any makes an attempt our valued buyer makes to complain [eg give him the wrong form].

Which eventually, deep, deep within the blackness of the icy depths, all morphs into


However after all – let’s be truthful right here! – MPs weren’t remiss in placing in that good provision for that rapier-like wrong-righting mechanism, The JCP Buyer Grievance Course of; imposing absolutely the minimal of inconvenience upon our plucky British Legislation Protected homeless citizen, ought to he so select to name upon it is excellent help….. did not they!?

In order that gray previous bitch won’t ever see the sunshine of day… A 1-in-a-million likelihood!


In passing, I word there’s something else probably dysfunctional about our authorized system that we needs to be aware of: The idea of the written-in-time Legislation has turn out to be invalid. Its tablets-of-stone high quality has evaporated.

On account of too many legal guidelines and to too frequent legislation amendments – as seen in the present day with Herr Cameronz unt Herr Oswald’s crimson scorching machine gun releaze of zee Velfare Reformz – the standard would-be legislation breaker hasn’t a hope in Hell of understanding forward of his crime what the legislation really is! [The same goes for that would-be honest and striving MP squeezing every personal benefit out of his "lawful" Westminster expenses; or the Tramp, to know what he IS rightfully entitled to claim for!]

I suppose that, for the legislation to work, legal guidelines must propagate through the grape vine to embed over time and through years of cultural inseminations. That manner the legislation is principally efficient as a pure deterrent – type of tacit mind coaching for the group as a complete – type of a gradual redefinition of the which means of Society and Sociable [or anti-sociable] behaviour; so younger Julian will get taught by his goodly mummy Proper from Mistaken as quickly as he chooses to go away the womb…

Change it each fortnight as Georgie Boy likes to do and the deterrent worth of The Legislation – it is scary and numinous repute on the road – drops to nil; so weakened till all there may be left to do is to beef-up Huge Brother Frankenstein to have any shred of an opportunity of creating the managed behaviour occur in observe…

And that may require a complete further raft of lawmaking and system bastardising…..

And some extra billions of your taxes…

And another excuse efficiency management can go badly flawed is when tunnel imaginative and prescient is allowed to occur.

A hospital tradition searching for to guard it is cherished rating for 100% appointment success, for instance, will systemically falsify its admission stats to point out any mattress double-booking it does [the only way to achieve this 100% myth without incurring unsupportable excess costs] because the affected person’s fault (as a DNA) as a substitute of because the sincere and organisationally mature evaluation of WFU.

However in doing so, the hospital [a deeply social charity] has then uncared for the important wellbeing of its sufferers: it is now systemically "glad" to fail in its main ethical obligation!

[happened to me]

Organisations of any type usually are not intrinsically able to *perception*. Tho human powered, the humanity is all stripped out when individuals work to a extremely time-managed system.

I believe all organisations are greatest seen as psychopaths. To be regarded with clever and cautious skilled scepticism from their inception.

However that is the other of what our newly elected events would want us to imagine. The incoming authorities’s huge organisational transformations are all the time beacons of sure achievement; whereas the outgoing institution-bastardising authorities’s white elephants are all the time the product of their very own evil methods.

One other blunder is to permit organisations to turn out to be separatist from the communities that they’re anticipated to serve.

Once we are allowed to treat entire lessons of individuals as "outsiders" – "foreigners" – we’re psychologically primed to permit ourselves permission to dehumanise them – relieving ourselves of all pure empathy and guilt in harming others. In a warfare setting for example, bombing the Hun and all his kids was robust titty for "it". It is a pure uneducated homo sapien social factor, I worry.

However this cultural phenomenon creeps insidiously into trendy every day life all too readily as effectively.

Controlling companies working for the federal government are naturally obsessive about how they understand themselves – as keepers of the crown jewels; as defenders in opposition to the hoards of "scroungers" banging on their good workplace home windows from exterior. They turn out to be oblivious to the fact that they solely have a carer’s job as a consequence of your plight, their unlucky care-ee!

High quality "Our Buyer is King" posters on this setting are simply a lot wasted paper.

There isn’t any chance of a real buyer concern right here.

It is you in opposition to them. These "scroungers" are the enemy; scum to be exterminated.

This, I now see, is the basis reason behind pervasive mistreatment in British welfare centres in the present day.

AND then there’s that constructive tackle fascinating social self-discipline and efficient management, "robust love". What about that?

Powerful Love – Julian’s pure household manner [sorry, me kiddlees!!] – is nice management, however solely in robust and loving settings; in work onerous and play onerous workforce settings when efficiency actually counts.

As within the army, the place one’s life is determined by one’s religion within the sure competences of his friends. Delinquency right here is just not an possibility.

Sport is one other. And inside masculine-dominated teams [not to exclude tomboyish females in this mix too] – boys thrive on this robust efficiency tradition.

However robust efficiency administration with out the presence of a real overriding concern for ALL the members of your unit, workforce, group or household – with out the "love" – is just not robust love. It is simply imply.

AND SO, we mix an apparently good principle of one thing like "robust love" with an entrenched, pyramid-like separatist, rushed-through, mean-spirited, key efficiency factor-optimised, austerity-cut, anti-social Authorities "service" and we get?…..

Again to the purpose then: what about jobs and the economic system and all that?

What shall Good Management seem like, right here?

On the very minute I write this [after faultlessly completing my daily dose of JCP-required pointless job ad flogging, please note] I’m listening to that younger muppet, Adolf Osborne, bellowing down at me, as he quaffs his benefactor’s excessive wines and fantastic cheeses, in his ordinary affectation of the fury of the self-righteous wealthy man: "NO HANDOUTS FOR NOTHING!!"



After which there’s that imply JCP woman – intentionally withholding Julian-the-tirelessly-carrying-on’s sorely wanted cash, simply so she might preserve him wastefully pinned-down for an additional entire hour, unilaterally bastardising Julian-the-actively-seeking-employment-no-hoper’s jobseekers’ "settlement" he’s obliged to make with Adolf for his "cash for nothing" meals allowance. For he’s trapped into submission.

And there is that different JCP supervisor younger woman, flanked by her pet safety guards, cruelly denying his final authorized entry to meals till Julian-on-the-breadline jumps through her imply little office-power-hoop, simply to pleasure herself.

And that different younger woman, throwing Brighton housing data scraps of paper at Julian-the-streetsleeper, screwing her entire physique up at him in a bellow of disgust that he’d dare ask her for her assist.

And that The-Pc-Says-No A&E receptionist in Bury hospital, smiling after which turning her again on Julian-the-got-no-money-to-get-home-again-scrounger, jealously guarding what she thinks is *her* NHS affected person transport funds.

And the Work Programme coach who performs energy video games and retains Julian the job-seeker ready. And who summons Julian to his desk by remaining seated while calling out Julian by his first identify throughout the open plan workplace, for all to see. After which pointedly omits to apologise for the [avoidable] disservice in conserving his buyer ready. And who snarls, when Julian – naturally considerably offended, enquires not directly what the time of the assembly was – intentionally demeaning him: "WHY!? Have you ever received elsewhere to be."

And that JCP "advisor" individual – tasked with altering Mr Partridge’s sign-on time to comfort her workplace brood however who’s now strategically conditioned to not invite a dialogue on the matter with "shoppers" – when Julian [impossibly overloaded yet very tightly time organised these days; an admirable achievement without question, considering] say’s politely: "I would relatively not – it would inconvenience me." – says bluntly: "I’ve a priority that you’re not out there for work; I’m reporting you to the supervisor."

And EVERY piece of paper they offer you has YOU WILL BE SANCTIONED IF YOU DO NOT COOPERATE daubed throughout it. With nothing extra informative than that to empower you to assert your truthful dues and rightful remedy…

….. do I would like to provide extra examples!?

I believe my level right here is clear.

You inject hateful concepts on the prime of our nationwide social pyramid as Osbourne and co are frequently doing now, and you may anticipate essentially the most spiteful and sinful cultural exaggerations to instantly seem, as if by black magic, down on the very backside.

And it is right here, on the backside, the place the outrage actually will get metered out; by the thickest and the greyest ones; behind all their closed doorways and systematic blind alleys, in a merciless conspiracy of lawful and lethal silence.

Thanks Georgie Boy, mate! Remind me to vote for you and your buddies once more subsequent time!

And Georgina has received one other couple of ideas tits-up right here too [probably deliberately]:

1. Welfare for the poor is just not pudding. It’s oxygen.

2. The phenomenon of unemployment exists exactly as a result of there’s a shortage within the system of productive work to do. So survival support during times of unemployment is all the time going to be for "nothing" – economically talking [in the eyes of the myopic bean-counter, that is!].

three. The persistent unemployed mass of under-25s is just not considerably as a consequence of their "life-style selection" to outlive on his kindness – it is as a consequence of George’s personal ineffectiveness at delivering the straightforward conveyor from college into work to make all of it pure and straightforward for all these younger "scroungers" to succeed by themselves.

[morals of the psychopath]

So now we have it:

Unlucky relative poverty turns into godly civil willingness to help turns into financial support turns into disastrously costly means-tested profit turns into suspicious demeaning and error-prone regime turns into intermittent money movement for necessities paid in arrears turns into fixed ambiance of risk turns into medical nervousness turns into hostile welfare centre expertise turns into wrongful punishment turns into huge private misery and inconvenience turns into refusal of all assist turns into household breakdown turns into blighted communities turns into absolute poverty turns into harm to each side of a person’s impartial capability to self-rescue turns into….



NOW, confronted with the scenario within the image above, unfortunate as you might be to seek out your self within the hostile "welfare" setting to the far proper of the picture [to be clear: the one on the far right I have labelled as "WRONG"] what’s the sane man on this unlucky predicament to do?

Nicely, #1: you do the managed job to perfection, after all! [and usually in a forgiveable state of high anxiety]

However the *SMART* factor to do is just not this.

The good technique is to do your oppressor’s job simply sufficiently sufficient to purchase your self the mandatory time so that you can plan and ship your subsequent, Nice, Escape.


See additionally:

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I think that Johanna has perception, not solely as a naturally gifted mom but in addition as she has grown up below Communist Oppression, and had escaped that with tens of millions of others 20-odd years in the past: I doubt she desires to see something remotely like that seem ever once more.


Dr Shipman is definitely the Secretary of State for all these things!



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