The Overnight Diet: The Proven Plan for Fast, Permanent Weight Loss

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For the first time, two proven rapid weight-loss methods are combined to create an incredibly effective hybrid diet. Leading expert and authority on nutrition and weight management Caroline Apovian, MD, has translated more than twenty-five years of research and experience into an easy-to-use program for anyone who wants to slim down fast-and keep off the weight once and for all.

Whether you want to drop five pounds or fifty, this specifically formulated plan will produce results. You’ll lose up to two pounds overnight when you jumpstart your metabolism by drinking fulfilling smoothies in the 1-Day Power Up. Then the 6-Day Fuel Up keeps your body in fat-burning mode through a meal plan that includes plenty of delicious foods, including snacks and dessert. The Quickie Rev Up workout complements your food intake, giving your body the toned look you want while the unwanted pounds melt off.

Finally, there’s a proven plan that reveals the secret to fast, easy, and permanent weight loss. With THE OVERNIGHT DIET, you can:
–Lose weight overnight and up to nine pounds in the first week
–Reduce water retention and bloating
–Preserve lean muscle
–Stave off hunger pangs
–Prevent plateaus
–Feel healthier than ever before.Grand Central Publishing


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