Three Smart Hens

Three Wise Hens

Cage-free, outdoor-loving heritage breeds like Rhode Island Reds, White Leghorns, and Araucanas reside wholesome lives on all-organic feed supplemented with leftover natural produce from Eatwell Farms. The birds additionally dine on scrumptious, naturally occurring worms and bugs, and the clover and alfalfa planted to refurbish vitamins within the soil of fallow fields. After all, no antibiotics or hormones are used. About 1,600 – 1,800 chickens spherical out the manufacturing workforce, which lays about 200 dozen eggs every week.

You should buy these eggs for $6/dozen on the Ferry Constructing Farmer’s Market. The yolk is a saffron like yellow and it is some of the tasty eggs. I do know they appear costly however hell you purchase a drink for this worth or extra so why not purchase a dozen eggs. Not less than this may give you multiple serving and it is by far a lot more healthy than a drink. 🙂 Strive them.

Hyperlink to an natural chart of egg producers within the Bay Space.

This is a dish that used these eggs: Bain Marie cooked eggs and this is a picture of them cooking

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