What Foods Make Your Breasts Bigger?


Welcome to our article on what foods make your breasts bigger. Sadly so many woman are not happy with the size of their breasts. In these fast moving times women appear in movies and magazines with huge breasts, some with perfect size and shaped breasts. This adds more pressure to those who feel inadequate in that department. This leads to loss of self-esteem and low self- confidence.

The proper diet and eating habits can help to increase breast size safely and naturally. Foods alone won’t add a huge amount to size, but when combined with the right supplements they can definitely help. So what foods make your breasts bigger?

Fruits and Vegetables

Intake of raw vegetables and fruits can support muscle growth and build muscles at the same time. There’s an element of protection of cells in these foods which can help prevent cancers when women attempt to increase breast size. Go for red cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, blackberries and strawberries can all aid breast growth healthily. They can help improve shape and appearance of your bust.

Protein Enriched Foods

When exploring what foods make your breasts bigger, it’s important to understand the need for protein enriched foods. Basically lean protein is a must. Research has revealed that lean protein boosts the effects of breast enhancement supplements. This also lessens testosterone in women which is known to stifle breast growth.


Certain healthy grains are essential just like protein, they help to reduce testosterone and promote the growth process.

Estrogen Enriched Foods

For more estrogen intake of milk, tofu and soy beans are vital. Estrogen is a female hormone which is essential for breasts to grow bigger and larger.


Do not think that means eating all kinds of fat, not quite. As your breasts are primarily made up of fat, so monounsaturated fats are very essential and healthy, and can can help the process of breast growth and shape considerably. The best sources of monounsaturated fats can be found in nuts, olive oil, avocado oil, sesame seeds and oily fish like herring.

Herbal Supplements

Phytoestrogens are substances which are only found in certain natural herbs, these herbal supplements are important when attempting breast cup increase naturally. Herbs which carry high levels of phytoestrogens are fenugreek, saw palmetto, dong quai, flax seeds and wild yam. These herbs originate from far way lands like the Asian subcontinent. Again all these herbs increase estrogen, the essential hormone in women.

Increase in estrogen equals increase in breast size and reshaping of cup size. These herbs have been researched by top herbalists and found to be highly effective in helping breast size increase.There are certain natural creams and tablets available without prescription which contain all these herbs.

There are certain foods that are best avoided

Caffeine can be counter productive. It is best to steer clear of chocolate, soda and tea also. Drinks and foods that carry high levels of caffeine can cancel out the positive effects of using herbal supplements. They tend to carry high levels of impurities and speed up metabolism.

We hope that we answered the question on what foods make your breasts bigger. The best solution is to stick with healthy foods and herbal supplements as mentioned in this article.This combination is the sure and safest method to add size and shape to your small breasts naturally.


Source by Melissa Dekker

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