Young Tobacco

Young Tobacco

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Growing in western North Carolina in 2009. That’s a beautiful mountain creek back there among the trees, flowing down from the higher mountains of the Southern Appalachians, source near Mt. Mitchell, highest US mountain east of the Mississippi.

Healthy young tobacco transplants in the field. Nearly all the field work on tobacco is done by Latino immigrants, both men and women. Locals don’t want to do this kind of dangerous, unpleasant work anymore.

Photo formerly posted to, which is discontinuing its Photos site after 15 years of great enjoyment by a number of photographers and viewers. Too bad. Corporate decision. They are promoting Instagram, but I’m not interested. I’ll remain at Flickr until we are pushed out, which I hope will not be too soon.

Dangerous field work? Maybe "unhealthy" is a better word. There’s something called "green tobacco sickness".

Not to mention, using land for tobacco that could be used to grow FOOD.

For those interested, there are more online refs below, in the comments.

Shot with Olympus SP500UZ.

Posted by Melinda Young Stuart on 2017-02-03 16:00:38

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